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Erin writes about art, artists, nature, land use, counterculture, communes, alternative education and her encounters with the physical and ethereal world. Her essays, curatorial texts, and artist profiles have been published by University of Minnesota, University of Houston, a variety of magazines and small presses. She is the author of two books, “The Rites of Land” and “Trails Across the Bighorns.” 

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site & scene

an illustrated substack featuring drawings and short essays about places and placeness. 
2024 - present


Becoming More Cottonwood

a creative essay and three illustrations
published by Southwest Contemporary 
volume 6 / Rooted: Poetics of Place Fall 2022

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Seeing New Mountains

an exhibition essay for Lee Saloutos
presented by Churchill Arts Council, Fallon, NV, August 2022

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Trails Across the Bighorns

an exploration of northern Wyoming
self-published, 2020

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Void with a View: a visit with Paul O’Connor 

a catalog essay for Paul O’Connor Sculpture 2017-2019
published by Auro Mesa Press, Taos, 2020

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How to See the Unseen

a catalog essay for Mokha Laget: Spatial Luminescence
published by Apache Plume Press, Santa Fe, 2019

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The Rites of Land

an exploration of Mendocino County, California
self-published, 2018

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Sharing Places, Building Dreams: How One Commune Led to Another (and Another)

a catalog essay for Radical: 50 Years of Libre Intentional Artist Community
published by Gallery of Contemporary Art, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2018

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Golden Moments: A Visit with Artist Alexis Elton

an artist profile for Edible, Santa Fe, February 2016

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Atomic Surplus

curatorial catalog essay for the exhibition catalog
published by Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, 2013

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Architecture on Film: Drop City

programme notes for The Architecture Foundation, London, July 2013

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Power: Gridlocked

essay contributed to Machine Wilderness: 18th International Symposium on Electronic ArtsSbarge, Suzanne and Andrea Polli, eds.

published by Radius Books, Santa Fe, 2012

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How to Build a Commune: Drop City’s Influence on the Southwestern Commune Movement

essay contributed to West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965–1977, Auther, Elissa and Adam Lerner, eds. 

published by University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2011

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Fort-Building or the Path to Radical Change

curatorial catalog essay for Worlds Outside This One 

published by 516 ARTS, Albuquerque, 2011

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How to Start with Nothing

essay contributed to Phonebook3, co-written with Nina Elder and Nancy Zastudil, Dwyer, Bryce, ed. 

published by InCubate, Chicago, 2011


What's a Campfire?

catalog contribution to Proposals for a Socialist Colony, Skydive Office of Cultural Affairs, ed.

published by Skydive, Houston, 2010

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The Teacher Was the Sixties

essay contributed to Proximity Magazine: Education as Art, Chicago, vol. 8, Winter 2010

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PLAND: Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation

essay co-written with Nina Elder and Nancy Zastudil

contributed to Proximity Magazine: Catalog of Strategies, Chicago, vol. 7, Spring 2010


Red Legacy:

a collection of notes on the possible intersections between commune building, land use, and art practice

sole writer of online blog, 2009-2010

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All Eyes on Houston

essay contributed to On the Banks of the Bayou City: The Center for Land Use Interpretation in Houston, Hooper, Rachel and Nancy Zastudil, eds.

published by University of Houston Press, 2009

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973 Possibilities and How to Make Sense of It?

curatorial catalog essay for The Institute for Social Research: 90 Days on Communal Living

published by Stuttgart: Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart, 2008

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The San Francisco World's Fair of 2007

curatorial contribution to exhibition catalog, edited Bradley, Will, et al. 

published by California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 2007

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