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Museum of Capitalism, Oakland, CA

Under capitalism, land is measured, marked, bounded, guarded, and owned; it is a commodity, a site of production, and oftentimes, capitalism’s dumping ground. Though land ownership is not an inherently American phenomenon, the United States was founded on a land grab and its identity has been consistently wrapped up with the economics of territory. Through artists’ work about fences and walls, boundaries and their trespass, American Domain examined notions of property and ownership.


Artists included: Chris Ballantyne, Chris Collins, Tom Miller, Bruce Nauman, Erika Osbourne, Christine Howard Sandoval, Chip Thomas, Terri Warpinski, Jesse Vogler, and Winter Count Collective (Cannupa Hanska Luger, Dylan Mclaughlin, Ginger Dunnill, Nicholas Galanin, and Merritt Johnson)

American Domain was presented as a special exhibition within the Museum of Capitalism, an ad hoc institution that considers capitalism as a thing of the recent past. The project is funded by Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a large outdoor mural by Chip Thomas was organized by the Jack London Improvement District. 

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