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Project Row Houses, University of Houston, and Skydive; Houston, TX

Each Campfire Lights Anew was part of a larger exhibition entitled Proposals for a Socialist Colony presented by Skydive in Houston, Texas. The project involved a camping trip with students from the University of Houston and resulted in an evening of campfire cooking and singing, a campfire booklet, as well as a full-length film of the event. The project examined the essential nature of fire and the cultural significance of campfire circles throughout history, as well as their rarity in contemporary society. 

Artists: Aharon, Amy Balkin, BAW, Zanny Begg, Chin Xaou Ti Won, Chto Delat, The Copenhagen Commune, José Filipe Costa, Erin Elder, Amy Franceschini, Alex Lockett, David Mobb, N55, Anna Pickering, The Public School, Jon Sack, Temporary Services, and Duncan Wooldridge.

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