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2009 - 2014

Tres Piedras, NM

PLAND, Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation, was a multidisciplinary organization that supported the development of experimental and research-based projects through a variety of on and off-site programs. Headquartered off-the-grid in Tres Piedras, New Mexico, PLAND was a hands-on, exploratory approach to Do-It-Yourself, alternative living.


The site was created by, for and with residents and came to include a house-structure, a sauna, a rainwater filtration system, a shade structure, an RV, a humanure compost toilet, a series of on-site sculptural interventions, and a very well-built staircase. During its five-year life-span PLAND hosted 16 residents from around the world and engaged several school groups. PLAND published articles, presented at conferences, and connected with a network of experimental residency programs around the world.


Residents included: Sophie Mellor, Topographia Collective (Catherine Harris, Jessamyn Lovell, LeE Montgomery, Mary Tsiongas), Suzanne Husky, Josh Hoeks and Ryan Rasmussen, Christine Howard Sandoval and Nina Montenegro, Ari Marcantonio and Jaime Knight, Jesse Vogler, Mick Larusso, Nina Dubois and Eso Robinson


PLAND was supported by Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts; McCune Foundation; The Idea Fund, part of Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts regional regranting program; among others. PLAND was a semi-finalist and a finalist for support from Creative Capital.

For more information about PLAND, visit:

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